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12 Oct 2017
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Dwayne Johnson & more talk Robin Williams’ influence on new Jumanji

“In the jungle, you must wait, until the dice read 5 or 8.”

That was the little jingle that doomed Robin Williams’ Alan Parrish in the original Jumanji to over twenty years in the jungle, trapped inside a game and fending for himself against the elements. Williams’ performance in the 1995 film has been a fan favorite for many years, standing alongside the likes of Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin‘s Genie, and spawning many a meme even in the modern world. The upcoming new movie, titled Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, takes what happened to Parrish and makes it the main plot of the film, by bringing four unsuspecting kids into the world of Jumanji.

Even though Williams tragically passed away three years ago, the cast and crew for the film are hoping to keep his spirit and energy alive in the new movie. Star Dwayne Johnson, who is also a producer on the film, opened up about it when we visited the set of the film last year.

“That was the number one thing that I just wanted to have open dialogue with Jake (Kasdan, the director) and Matt Tolmach, our producer, and the studio. What is the way that we can pay homage to the original movie, not only to the original movie, but to Robin Williams in a way that felt good and that made people feel good, but yet, as you said, not get bogged down in it? So, I think we came up with some really nice ways to pay homage and yeah, I think the family is going to be very, very happy with it. And without giving too much away, there… Now, I’m biting my tongue right now…”

Johnson takes on the role of “Dr. Smolder Bravestone” in the film, but is in essence playing two characters, as he’s merely the avatar for a nerdy 16-year-old kid. Though in the real world he’s a scrawny gamer, in Jumanji he’s got the muscular prowess of The Rock. In the film, he’s joined by frequent collaborator Kevin Hart, who plays “Moose Finbar,” a zoologist that is the avatar for the star football player “Moose,” (who is about twice the size of Hart himself).

“I’m a fan of Robin Williams,” Hart said on set. “I think that’s an important thing to bring up, because people think that this is a remake of the original Jumanji, and it’s not. It’s a continuation. You don’t touch what’s great and try to redo it… In no way, shape or form are we disrespecting, or reshaping, or reforming the original Jumanji. It’s a continuation.”

Also appearing in the film is Jack Black as “Professor Shelly Oberon,” a portly cartographer that happens to be the avatar for the prettiest girl in the school, Bethany.

“In a weird way, I feel like it was the real life I was born to play,” Black tells us. “It was very easy to tap into my inner 16-year-old girl. I don’t know why, but just to have that power of attraction. It’s subtle, but when you know you’ve got it, you know you’ve got it. And it’s just a look, a subtle gesture, and you know you’ve got it.”

Black hadn’t seen the original film when he was offered the new movie (reuniting him with his Orange County director) but sought it out quickly.

“I thought I should watch the original. Robin Williams kicked so much ass. It’s right up there with my favorite Robin Williams performances because it’s perfectly suited to his strengths in that heightened reality. My favorite Robin Williams are Aladdin, he throws down hard in Aladdin, and Jumanji. Those for me, pound for pound, are the most powerful one-two punch.”

Rounding out the cast comes the self-proclaimed toughest critic for a new Jumanji movie, Karen Gillan as the ass-kicking “Ruby Roundhouse,” the avatar for the shy bookworm, Martha.

“Honestly it’s in my top 3 films of all time,” Gillan says of the original Jumanji. “Of all time. I feel like in your top three you have to have a couple of films that you really respect and then one that’s like that special childhood nostalgia film. That’s what Jumanji is for me. I just loved Robin Williams so much in it and I loved Kirstin Dunst in it. She was so cool. I loved the whole concept, it was really fun. As a kid I thought it was totally magical.”

Gillan went on to say that of everyone involved, and thanks to her passion for the original movie, she’s the toughest customer on making a new one.

“I feel like I’m judging it harder than most people will because I love the original so much, and it passes the test with me. Definitely I was very protective over it as well, because I just loved it so much. I feel like it’s a great continuation and it’s going to live up to everything the first film set for it… Hopefully take it even further.”

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle will arrive in theaters on December 20.


11 Sep 2017
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Spencer’s doctor informs him that he isn’t infertile…yet. But, he’ll need to act soon if he wants kids. Later on with Chloe, he acts a little sooner than he intended.

New England wants Ricky to manage his mental health with medication. But Ricky fears the drugs will hurt his game. Dennis convinces him to take the pills and put his health before football.

Charles and Siefert are at odds on the direction of their team. Charles goes up the chain of command to share his concerns about Siefert’s decisions.

Joe takes the ASM team on a staff retreat while the company is being appraised. Word leaks to the team, forcing Spencer to come clean about his plans to sell the division. The entire staff, including Joe, is disenchanted with Spencer’s reasoning.

10 Nov 2015
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Today Dwayne Johnson travelled to New York City to attend the Fast Company’s Innovation Festival. He spoke at ‘The Next Intersection For Hollywood with William Morris Endeavors Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell.

Credit: CiCi

05 Nov 2015
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Expendables 4, the much awaited development to the Expendables ensemble is bound to make its way in cinemas in 2017. Rumor has it that the well known wrestlers, Dwayne Johnson and Hulk Hogan will grace the screen. And they could the additional characters that viewers will love to hate in the movie.

Expendables 4 is scheduled to shoot by 2016 and hopefully will be ready for release on 2017, according to Variety. From those who have watched the movie from the beginning on 2010, this news have brought excitement and apprehension on what will be new on the action packed movie.

What makes the audience sit on the edge of their seats are the additional casts that are rumored to join the gang – but not as protagonists as you are expecting but as villains. Sylvester Stallone, one of the lead stars of the movie and one of the men behind the movie ensemble itself as its director and writer, is eyeing Dwayne Johnson and Hulk Hogan to be part of the movie, but not as one of the good guys but as anti – heroes, according to Movie Pilot.

Dwayne Johnson in an interview in Reddit affirms that he is also keen in taking the role of the villain and already has an idea on how to be the bad guy on this sequel, saying, “I don’t want to be on their team and be buddies with them. I want to hunt every single one of them down and tell them to ‘send your soul to heaven cause your ass is mine'”. How’s that for an exciting prelude to a villain that is worth waiting for?

Definitely a movie sequel to watch for and casts worth anticipating for this coming 2017, Expendables 4 is a part of the Expendables ensemble saga which stars Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture and Terry Crews and crossing our fingers, will include Dwayne Johnson and Hulk Hogan – something worth waiting for.

Credit: VC Post

07 Oct 2015
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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be the new “Spokesman of Service” for Ford Motor Company.

On Oct. 12, the company will roll out a series of ads on TV, digital, social networks, radio and point-of-sale inside Ford Dealerships featuring the Freedom grad who will lead the team of Specialists made up of Ford service technicians.

Johnson said on Facebook representing Ford’s service department echoes one of his core enterprise beliefs – “Always take care of the audience” whether it’s in a movie theater or behind the wheel.

Johnson owns three Ford trucks, but his first Ford truck was bought when he was 15.

“I bought a classic blue ’77 Thunderbird as my first car for $40 bucks,” he says. “I didn’t even have money to put gas in it, but it was all mine and I’ve been a FORD man ever since.”

Johnson, who attended Freedom High School in 11th and 12th grades, started out as a professional wrestler known as “The Rock.”

He left World Wrestling Entertainment in 2003 to pursue an acting career, which quickly took off with “The Scorpion King.”

Also coming up for Johnson is the Disney animated film “Moana” in which he voices the demigod Maui, a comedy with Kevin Hart called “Central Intelligence” and he’ll portray super villain Black Adam in Shazam!

Credit: The Morning Call

30 Aug 2015
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It’s been said many, many times that no one does #TBT as well as The Rock.

Given that the MTV Video Music Awards are this Sunday, we wanted to help Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson with his #TBT photo and suggested this picture from the 2000 VMAs.

The People’s Champion saw our tweet and critiqued his outfit with brutal honesty.

Yes, The Rock even managed to make his co-presenter that evening, Kid Rock, look like a fashion maven

Credit: Fox Sports

24 Aug 2015
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This week on HBO’s Ballers, It is finally the end of Season 1. This is episode 10, the season has to end with a bang right?

Spencer walks in to find his office in shambles. Everything is destroyed. When he asks what happened, they tell him Joe did it. He also finds out that he has a new assistant Virginia and she tells him that he is wanted in the boss’s office. When he gets there, Mr. Anderson asks him if he loves his new office, then he tells him that Joe quit. Spencer tells him that he thought he was fired. He tells him that he has been promoted and Joe couldn’t handle it. He tells Spencer because of his success, he picked him for the promotion.

Spencer leaves Mr. Anderson and heads over to Joe’s house. He asks Joe what happened and Joe says that he wasn’t appreciated there. He was fired. Joe tells Spencer that he wants to start his own company. Spencer tells him from all of Joe’s recklessness at the bar, he is strapped for cash. At least not enough to start a company. Joe says he has money stashed away. Enough to convince a bank to loan him the money. Spencer asks Joe if he knows how to run a company because he doesn’t. Joe wants Spencer to join him.

Spencer finds out that Vernon is still MIA and the Dallas deal is still time sensitive. They find Vernon on Flamingo Island taking photographs. Spencer tells them that they were worried and that it wasn’t cool doing so. Spencer tells Vernon that his deal is due within the day. Spencer tells him the details of the deal and he is excited.

Now this next scene we see Virginia taking a message for Spencer. We hear a woman in the background and you will see what happens…..

Mr. Anderson soon comes the way of Spencer’s office. Virginia yells “hey Mr. Anderson” so Spencer can get himself together and Tracy can leave. Mr. Anderson walks in and asks what did he miss? Spencer tells him she is an old high school friend.
Spencer tells Mr. Anderson that Joe told him that he was fired. Mr. Anderson tries to make an excuse for it but it doesn’t work. Mr. Anderson tries to bribe Spencer more by buying him a boat.

Joe calls for Spencer to come look at an office building. While there Spencer tells Joe that he is not ready for this endeavor and Joe walks out.

Spencer travels to Mr. Anderson’s house and he tells him to let Joe come back to the company. He gives an inspiring speech on how being at the top of the sports dynasty doesn’t happen without him, Joe and Mr. Anderson. He further says that this is a package deal and that he can take it or leave it.

Spencer meets up with Joe later that night before Vernon’s party to persuade him further to come back to the company. Joe agrees and they party. Also he makes things right by Reggie and tells him some plans for the future.

Enjoy the Season 1 Finale

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21 Aug 2015
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The Rock returning at SummerSlam was talked about a few weeks ago, Dave Meltzer reports in the latest wrestling observer newsletter. He adds that Rock’s return “was hinted to me.”
That sort of insider information has definitely added credibility to mounting speculation that The Rock will be in Brooklyn this weekend. However, Meltzer stopped short of confirming it, stating he wasn’t specifically told that Rock would definitely be there.
WWE would be wanting to keep it a surprise, although in media interviews Roman Reigns has indicated that his cousin could be involved. That could be a trick of the WWE PR machine, tease Rock’s appearance to build interest, but keep the actual return spot as a surprise.
“I wanna tell you but I don’t want to give anything away.” Reigns said. “Let’s just put it this way. It’s The Rock, Dwayne Johnson. Biggest superstar on Earth, possibly. If he wants to show up to Brooklyn, he’s going to show up to Brooklyn. It wouldn’t be the first time, and it probably won’t be the last time. It’s WWE. Anything can happen.”
The comeback angle could be the start of Rock’s narrative for WrestleMania 32, a show he is expected to headline just seven months from now. He’ll be main eventing Mania against Triple H, so fans should expect any SummerSlam angle to involve a verbal clash between The Game and The Great One.
SummerSlam is a four hour show this year, there’s certainly plenty of time for a segment featuring The Rock.

Credit: What Culture

19 Jun 2015
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This third installment of The Rock Files takes us on a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match journey. All three, The Rock, Shamrock and Mankind cut promos before the match. All vowing to become number 1 contenders. The first to come out is Shamrock, Then Mankind makes his entrance. Finally (No pun intended) The Rock comes out and sizes up the cage before stepping in to it. The cage can be used as a weapon. Anything goes.

To start off the match The Rock goes after Shamrock. What put Shamrock on top was a thumb to The Rock’s eye. Now all three are throwing blows at each other while the crowd is behind The Rock with their cheers. The match sees every one of the competitors be on the offense. Mankind tried escaping from the top of the cage but was stopped. The Rock tried the top of the cage as well but Shamrock caught him and pulled his foot to make him awkwardly land on the ropes. Shamrock tried escaping the cage twice through the cage door.

The match itself was very entertaining as the crowd cheered and was into the match. You was able to see all superstars pull out all stops to out wrestle each other to be the first one out of the cage to become number 1 contender for the World Federation Championship. You saw two work together to incapacitate one wrestler so it would be one on one.

The end of the match saw The Rock and Mankind go head to head to exit the cage. Watch the full video to see who prevailed.

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15 Jun 2015
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Dwayne Johnson honored Dusty Rhodes in a tribute in which he revealed how much he owed his career to the late wrestling legend.Rhodes, also known as The American Dream, passed away Thursday at age 69, and news of his passing led to numerous tributes from his contemporaries and a new generation of wrestling stars.
Johnson, whose fame as pro wrestler The Rock put him on the path towards movie stardom, acknowledged Rhodes’ profound influence on his life in an Instagram post.

I first met Dusty Rhodes at 5yrs old when me and my family were spending time with him and his family on their ranch. This man would become not only a great inspiration and mentor to me, but more importantly inspire and entertain wrestling fans around the world by becoming one of the greatest of all time. Dusty’s epically entertaining “Bionic elbow” was my inspiration to create “The most electrifying move in sports entertainment – The People’s Elbow”. This Heavyweight World Champion personified the blue collar fighting spirit and his influence on the wrestling business is invaluable. I’ll be forever grateful for the tremendous influence he’s had on me and my career in our beloved squared circle. Miss and love you Dusty.. RIP brother. #HardTimesDaddy #SonOfAPlumber #BadDudeInTheGame #TheAmericanDream

“I first met Dusty Rhodes at (five years) old when me and my family were spending time with him and his family on their ranch,” he wrote, adding that Rhodes was “a great inspiration and mentor to me.”
After describing him as “one of the greatest of all time,” Johnson revealed that “Dusty’s epically entertaining ‘Bionic elbow’ was my inspiration to create ‘(the) most electrifying move in sports entertainment – The People’s Elbow.’”

To demonstrate this connection, Johnson posted photos of Rhodes and himself doing their trademark moves.
“I’ll be forever grateful for the tremendous influence he’s had on me and my career in our beloved squared circle. Miss and love you Dusty.. RIP brother,” he concluded his tribute.

Credit: NY Daily News